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Practice Weekend

$200Purchase required to enroll
10 hours of studio time at the Circus Arts Institute over 2 days that allow Silks and Hammockteacher trainees opportunities to ask questions of supervising Teacher Trainers as well as practice with other trainees who are also practicing demonstrating, spotting, and teaching the skills, and reviewing common mistakes, bailing procedures, rescues and more. Hours gained during this weekend can count towards the following certification requirements:

1. 5-10 hours classroom observation/co-spotting *
2. 30-60 hours co-teaching *
3. 5 hours supervised teaching *

This weekend is open to those who have completed our Beginner Aerial Teacher Training. This is an ideal opportunity for trainees who do not have certified/trained supervisors/co-teachers/trainer available locally.

For trainees who:
- need more supervised teaching practice hours to complete a Beginner Aerial Teacher Certification Application.*
- would like more practice with our trainers assistance and supervision prior to attempting assessment.
Cancellation policy If you can't make it, please let us know 48 hours before class so that we can plan accordingly.
No upcoming schedule